Everybody Struggles

My third and fourth week has been more of struggling to learn new technologies and applying them to my task. My major take is sharing your struggles with others in the team helps to provide a solution faster instead of causing delays with the project.

My first task was to move our new web design system built with Vue styleguidist to Vue storybook. This was kind of a huge start for me because I had a couple of problems;

  • I was getting familiar with Vue and Vue styleguidist and now I had to understand Vue storybook.
  • Storybook is currently more developed for React, and studying the documentation and applying using Vue was a little challenging.

My biggest mistake was trying to find a solution on my own and wasting time. My mentor had to step in and even helped with an example to give me a headstart.

Now, this is how I handle my struggle with any task.

  • Read documentation
  • If I still do not understand, search for help online
  • If I still do not understand, ask my mentor
  • If I still could not solve it with the explanation from my mentor, ask for an example.

The truth is everyone struggles even with a task that seems very simple but asking for help can save a lot of time and energy.

Published by chidexebere

A Frontend developer living in Lagos, Nigeria

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